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Video has evolved dramatically in the last decade.  Linear analog tape is disappearing and being replaced by pure digital media.  The changes in technology allow near-broadcast quality video to be viewed from a thin 4.5 inch disc, a key-sized memory stick and streamed over
the World-Wide-Web.

The medium and technology may have changed, but the creativity and value of experience have not.
Our team shares a combined experience that is quickly approaching the century mark.

Let us bring that experience to you and your communications needs.



Played on multiple monitors while prospective hopefuls waited in line for their one-on-one with an HR representative, this video was produced as part of a total media campaign.


This video was produced for the roll-out of the first digital set-top, the Scientific-Atlanta
Explorer HCT (Home Communications Terminal). 


This production was a part of a Trench Safety initiative Produced by Gwinnet County.  To maintain the "No humans were hurt of the making of this film" label, computer animation was used extensively.





Special effects, character creation and animation


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